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The study below relates to low-cost Red Laser Pen Pointer

On 08/14/2015 at 05:50 AM by tieguanyin

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Adult has no way to make children convince of laser pointe

This was a brief look at the most common and functional laser designs out there today. Be sure to do your own research and make your own determination of the style of Laser Pointer Green , color, output power, and design features that suit you best. Keep in mind that Green Laser Pointers are always the brightest at the same power, meaning a 100mW green laser is 7X brighter than a 100mW of any other color. If you have questions and need help in choosing don’t hesitate to ask a laser expert right here at

Green: You want your audience to see what you’re pointing at. Unless you bought a 5+ mW laser (either because you’re showing off or because you didn’t realize how sensitive the human eye is to 532 and bought the brightest laser you could find). In that case, you’re blinding your audience. If you’re going to get a Ultra Powerful Laser Pointer , get it in red. That’s classy and visible!

Laser Pointer 10mW pens are highly effective presenters that establish self-assurance for your crucial presentation with spontaneous controls and clever functions. Capabilities such as expanded Wi-Fi range and choice of bright colours.

laser for sale

Now if I were better prepared for my trip to China, I would have checked in advance what green laser pointers cost, but I figured I couldn't go wrong at less than $20. But when I returned home, I decided to check prices. On, I was surprised to find out that most of the pointers were 5 mW at less than $10, with 50 mW pointers at about $40, and even more powerful "stargazing" pointers for up to $80 (although power levels weren't pointed out). I even found a Laserglow Technologies 20-225 mW pointer starting at $229 on a simple web search.

The study below relates to low-cost Red Laser Pen Pointer work presented to the North West Photonics Association AORD seminar on 15th June 2010, and provides useful background information on laser classification and issues. If you are looking for further laser safety information on a 1W blue laser pointer labelled by the press as a ‘ lightsabre’ as it resembles some childrens toys based on the Star Wars film, then we have posted some calculations here. You can also find information about assessing possible distraction hazards here.

Red: You either don’t really care if anyone can see what you’re pointing at or you’re cheap and you use the free pointer you got from a vendor at the expo. Of course, you could be one of those considerate folks who buy very bright red pointers, because you stubbornly like what red looks like even though human eyes are not sensitive to 633 nm. That’s fine.

Adult has no way to make children convince of laser pointer danger and make sure them to use it properly, the best way it forbid them to play with laser pointer alone.



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