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International leading soil nail supplier for constructions - Sinorock

On 07/18/2016 at 12:10 AM by soilnailing

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Soil Nails are a construction technique that is used in slope remediation as well as new construction. Soil Nails are passive elements made of solid or hollow stem bar that are installed into the slope face at an angle slightly below horizontal. Soil Nails are encased in
grout to bond them to surrounding soil and to provide a level of corrosion protection.

soil nail
Soil nailing structure is a new retaining structure for soil excavation and slope stabilization.It combines soil mass, soil nail body and concrete front-panel. Through installing soil nail with certain length and density in soil mass, soil nail forms compound soil body based
on cohesive force and frictional resistance. Under the circumstance of soil deformation, soil nail accepts passive stress and then reinforce the soil mass by the tension effect. This will not only enhance the stiffness of entire soil body, but also remedy the weakness
of soil body: shear-resistance and low-extension strength. Then, the supporting structure with active restriction mechanism is formed, which will enhance the entire stability and improve soil body’s plastic deformation and failure property.
Sinorock, the most professional supplier in the geotechnical engineering and construction industries. We are eager to be the international leading soil nail supplier and supply a comprehensive range of anchoring system.
The products in Sinorock are powerful, reliable, excellent, professional and creative. They have the advantages of adapting to different rock conditions. The services in Sinorock are professional, including pre-sales services, in-sales services and after-sales services. The
culture of our company is perfect, including our mission and core values.



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