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Title Medium Completed? Rating  
Albert Odyssey: The Legend of Aldean Physical Almost Done -1.0
Batsugun Physical Completed -1.0
Battle Garegga Physical Completed -1.0
Burning Rangers Physical Just Started -1.0
Christmas NiGHTS Physical Completed -1.0
Clockwork Knight 2 Physical Halfway Done -1.0
D Physical Not Started -1.0
Darius Gaiden Physical Not Started -1.0
Daytona USA Physical Completed -1.0
Detana Twinbee Yahho! Deluxe Pack Physical Not Started -1.0
Do Don Pachi Physical Completed -1.0
Dragon Force Physical Just Started -1.0
Fighters Megamix Physical Not Started -1.0
Fighting Vipers Physical Not Started -1.0
Game Tengoku: The Game Paradise Gokuraku Pack Physical Completed -1.0
Gebockers Physical Completed -1.0
Gunbird Physical Completed -1.0
In The Hunt Physical Almost Done -1.0
Last Bronx Physical Completed -1.0
Layer Section Physical Halfway Done -1.0
Magic Knight Rayearth Physical Completed -1.0
Mahou Daisakusen: Kingdom Grand Prix Physical Halfway Done -1.0
Myst Physical Not Started -1.0
NHL Powerplay '96 Physical Completed -1.0
NiGHTS: Into Dreams Physical Completed -1.0
Panzer Dragoon (JP) Physical Halfway Done -1.0
Panzer Dragoon (NA) Physical Halfway Done -1.0
Panzer Dragoon II Zwei (JP) Physical Halfway Done -1.0
Panzer Dragoon II Zwei (NA) Physical Halfway Done -1.0
Radiant Silvergun Physical Completed -1.0
Saturn Bomberman Physical Just Started -1.0
Sexy Parodius Physical Not Started -1.0
Shining Force III Physical Just Started -1.0
Shining the Holy Ark Physical Just Started -1.0
Sonic R Physical Completed -1.0
Strikers 1945 II Physical Not Started -1.0
Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Do You Remember Love? Physical Completed -1.0
The Legend of Oasis Physical Just Started -1.0
Virtua Cop Physical Almost Done -1.0
Virtua Fighter 2 Physical Not Started -1.0
Virtual On Physical Completed -1.0
Wizard's Harmony Physical Not Started -1.0
Wizard's Harmony 2 Physical Not Started -1.0