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Title Medium Completed? Rating  
180 Digital Completed -1.0
Abigale: Revenge of the Princess Digital Just Started -1.0
Age of Zombies Digital Completed -1.0
Angry Birds Digital Halfway Done -1.0
Bad Piggies Digital Just Started -1.0
Bit.Trip Beat Digital Halfway Done -1.0
Canabalt Digital Completed -1.0
Chaos Rings Digital Just Started -1.0
DoDonPachi Maximum Digital Completed -1.0
DoDonPachi: Blissful Death Digital Completed -1.0
ElectroMaster Digital Halfway Done -1.0
Final Fantasy Digital Completed -1.0
Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions Digital Not Started -1.0
I Love Katamari Digital Just Started -1.0
iFighter Digital Halfway Done -1.0
Jetpack Joyride Digital Completed -1.0
Lone Hawk Digital Just Started -1.0
Mushihimesama Digital Completed -1.0
Mushihimesama: Bug Panic Digital Halfway Done -1.0
Pac-Man CE Digital Just Started -1.0
Princess Punt Digital Halfway Done -1.0
Radiant Digital Just Started -1.0
Siberian Strike Digital Completed -1.0
Sketch Nation: Shooter Digital Halfway Done -1.0
Skysmash 1918 Digital Not Started -1.0
Sliding Hero Digital Just Started -1.0
Song Summoner Digital Just Started -1.0
Space Invaders: Infinity Gene Digital Completed -1.0
Super Crate Box Digital Just Started -1.0
Super Hexagon Digital Just Started -1.0
Tomb Raider Starring Lara Croft (N-GAGE) Physical Not Started -1.0
Vritra Digital Halfway Done -1.0