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Title Medium Completed? Rating  
Advance Wars: Days of Ruin Physical Just Started -1.0
Animal Crossing: Wild World Physical Completed 4.0
Avalon Code Physical Just Started -1.0
Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day Physical Completed 4.0
Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow Physical Completed 4.5
Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia Physical Completed 5.0
Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin Physical Completed 4.0
Chibi-Robo: Park Patrol Physical Completed 3.0
Children of Mana Physical Completed 3.0
Chrono Trigger Physical Not Started -1.0
Contact Physical Completed 3.5
Contra 4 Physical Almost Done -1.0
Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors 2 Physical Not Started -1.0
Dragon Ball: Origins Physical Not Started -1.0
Dragon Quest 4: Chapters of the Chosen Physical Not Started -1.0
Dragon Quest 9: Sentinels Of The Starry Skies Physical Almost Done 3.0
Electroplankton Physical Completed 2.5
Elite Beat Agents Physical Almost Done -1.0
Etrian Odyssey Physical Not Started -1.0
Final Fantasy 3 Physical Not Started -1.0
Final Fantasy 4 Physical Not Started -1.0
Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales Physical Completed 4.0
Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift Physical Not Started -1.0
Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon Physical Not Started -1.0
Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland Physical Halfway Done -1.0
Geometry Wars: Galaxies Physical Almost Done 4.0
Golden Sun: Dark dawn Physical Just Started -1.0
Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure Physical Just Started -1.0
Hotel Dusk: Room 215 Physical Not Started -1.0
Izuna: Legend of the Unemployed Ninja Physical Almost Done -1.0
Kirby Canvas Curse Physical Completed 4.0
Kirby Squeak Squad Physical Not Started -1.0
Kirby Super Star Ultra Physical Not Started -1.0
Luminous Arc Physical Not Started -1.0
Lunar Knights Physical Not Started -1.0
Magical Starsign Physical Not Started -1.0
Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story Physical Not Started -1.0
Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time Physical Completed 4.0
Mario Kart DS Physical Completed 4.5
Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis Physical Not Started -1.0
Master of Illusion Physical Not Started -1.0
Mega Man ZX Physical Completed 3.0
Mega Man ZX Advent Physical Not Started -1.0
Meteos Physical Completed 3.0
Metroid Prime Pinball Physical Completed 4.5
Metroid Prime: Hunters Physical Almost Done -1.0
Moon Physical Not Started -1.0
Nanostray Physical Completed 3.5
Nanostray 2 Physical Not Started -1.0
New Super Mario Bros. Physical Completed 4.5
Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword Physical Just Started -1.0
Pac-Pix Physical Completed 3.5
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Physical Almost Done -1.0
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney -- Justice For All Physical Not Started -1.0
Picross DS Physical Completed 3.5
Point Blank DS Physical Completed -1.0
Pokemon Diamond Version Physical Completed 3.5
Polarium Physical Almost Done -1.0
Professor Layton and the Curious Village Physical Just Started -1.0
Retro Game Challenge Physical Just Started -1.0
Rhythm Heaven Physical Just Started -1.0
Rondo of Swords Physical Not Started -1.0
Scribblenauts Physical Just Started -1.0
Sonic Rush Physical Completed 4.5
Sonic Rush Adventure Physical Not Started -1.0
Space Invaders Extreme Physical Completed 4.5
Space Invaders Extreme 2 Physical Not Started -1.0
Star Fox Command Physical Just Started -1.0
Summon Night: Twin Age Physical Not Started -1.0
Super Princess Peach Physical Completed 3.5
Tetris DS Physical Completed 4.0
The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Physical Completed 4.5
The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks Physical Completed 4.5
The World Ends with You Physical Not Started -1.0
Trace Memory Physical Completed 3.0
Trauma Center: Under the Knife Physical Not Started -1.0
Wario Ware Touched! Physical Completed 4.0
Yoshi's Island DS Physical Just Started -1.0