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Magnacarta 2 Review Rewind

It doesn't suck, but that's not for lack of trying.

Magnacarta 2 is the latest entry in the historically unremarkable Korean RPG franchise. The first appeared on PC, and the second, better known release, called Tears of Blood, was released on the Play Station 2. There have been quite a few changes since its last appearance: it's on a new platform, has a newly overhauled combat system, has a new world and story, and uses the newer, flashier Unreal engine 3 to power its visuals. The one thing that hasn't changed, however, is the fact that the game still remains unremarkable.

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Magnacarta 2 Hands On Preview

Threatened by the prospect of usurpation, Princess Zeiphie attempts to gain support of members of the surrounding communities to protect the throne of the Kingdom of Lanzheim.

For those of you who have played previous MagnaCarta installments, you may or may not be excited to know that MagnaCarta 2 is an entirely separate entity. Although some of the areas and worlds may be the same, it is a completely different story line with a completely new game play style. In this game, players will be assisting Princess Zeiphie regain her rightful place at the throne of the Kingdom of Lanzheim.

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