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Golden Sun: Dark Dawn Review

Dark Dawn teems with buff and brawn, but is it worth returning the world of Weyard?

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn is rich in gameplay and lore, packed with style built from the first two games, and although it shines very brightly, the experience is unnecessarily darkened by design regressions. Still, is it worth playing? If you like story centric, character driven RPGs, you bet.

Set thirty years after the events of the second game, The Lost Age, Dark Dawn is the third entry in the Golden Sun universe, and the first to hit the Nintendo DS. Players familiar with Golden Sun titles will feel right at home the moment the game begins, immediately greeted by revamped visuals and the sounds of familiar themes and characters. Don’t worry if you haven’t played either of the preceding Golden Sun titles; the game does a terrific job explaining histories of events and characters without shoving it down your throat.

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Golden Sun: Dark Dawn Hands On Preview

Golden Sun, how I’ve missed your warm embrace.

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn cycles to a familiar rhythm, but a brighter presentation makes it all the more inviting.

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