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PixlTalk Episode 69: E3 Bound: What's Ahead

All aboard at speculation station it’s time to see what’s ahead for this year’s E3.

You ever feel like part of you was missing? Well that’s how we felt here at PixlTalk without our cohort Jesse ‘the Jammer’ Miller, but it’s all good now … because he’s back! Alright maybe we’re being a bit dramatic, but it’s good to have him back with the Hell Block Heroes. He couldn’t have picked a better time; its pre E3 week and you know what that means – strap in everyone – we’re heading to speculation station!

Ok grab a drink and get cozy because this one is a doozy. Since we are talking about E3, we thought it would be appropriate to mirror their schedule. That means Microsoft is first – What the heck are these guys going to show this year? We have a few ideas, but ultimately their presentation is up for grabs. One thing is for certain though we can likely expect more awkward Kinect demonstrations, I can hardly wait. Next is Sony, between developments with the PSN, cross platforming from the PS3 to the Vita, and a slew of new games it should be an interesting conference. Finally there’s the one we’ve all be waiting for Nintendo. Nintendo has a lot to prove this year, good or bad. We’ll undoubtedly see a solid collection of new titles for the 3DS, but what everyone is really interested in is the Wii-U. It’s time for Nintendo to finally reveal the curtain and show us what this baby can do. You’ll hear our current thoughts on the Wii-U, the new console generation as a whole, and what games we expect Nintendo to showcase.

Sure we’ve covered the big 3, but it’s not over yet. In addition to talking about what we expect to see at the conferences, we also share what games were most excited to see, after all we are fans too. Yes, it’s going to be a great E3, and possibly the last E3 that is game centric for some time to come.

How do you think we did? Were we on point with our predications? Or, did we fail miserably? What about you? What games are you most excited to see? What or who do you think will steal this year’s E3? Let us know in the comments below.




06/01/2012 at 06:07 PM

Great episode guys. I agree with both your predictions and hopes. I really need to be surprised this year. I haven't been surprised or inspired by an E3 for a few years (practically since the beginning of this gen. For the past few years it's been business as usual and you can see almost every announcement coming from a mile away either because of leaks or because you can see patterns in business decisions and predict them.

Microsoft can't coast anymore on Kinect, TV, or apps and if they fill their show with that kind of stuff I'm going to stop watching. It sounds over dramatic but I thinks pretty accurate to propose that the Xbox division of Microsoft could start to fall apart over time if they don't have a strong E3 this year and remind people this is a cool system to have and there are great games coming. If they plan to just toss some apps at me, and make me wait another year or two till Durango comes out, it's not going to fly. A lot happens in a year or two and the way consumers perceive the company can change drastically in a year or two. If the last two years of Xbox 360 are shitty and boring it's not going to get me excited for their next platform or delivery system. Loss in interest could spell disaster because this isn't the kind of business and industry where these companies can just dip their toes in this stuff and afford to loose giant mountains of money. It's a massive investment and you either hit a home run or you die. Microsoft better bring surprises, they better hit a home run.

I'm most hopeful and excited about Nintendo. If anybody can awaken that old childish E3 spirit, bring something creative, and inspiring it's Nintendo. The reason I started keeping up with E3 at all was because of past Nintendo press conferences and the magic they bring on stage. Even though I ended up not being a fan of the Wii and it's games, I was still in awe at the way they revealed it. They know how to put on a show, and they know how to use their imaginations for better or worse. Gaming is suppose to be fun, it's a great hobby, and it takes artistic and creative minds to facilitate this hobby we love so much. It's not suppose to just be sales reports, saving face, and doing business as usual. For me Nintendo has always been the heart and soul of E3, and they need to come out swinging this year to make this special.

I'm sick of jaded gamers, jaded press, and I think the last few years have helped sap that energy out of gamers and the press. Once everybody noticed that the Wii wasn't such a great system to get and didn't have the games they wanted, that's when I started noticing all this jaded crap, and all the "casual vs. hardcore" bullshit. There are plenty of trends gamers don't like to see and gamers have plenty they complain about, but I personally think the Wii was a big part of that negativity people built up this generation. All the passionate gamers who grew up on Nintendos suddenly saw the company making a console nobody wanted to play and nobody wanted to develop games for. Nintendo isn't just the heart and soul of E3, but it's practically the heart and soul of gaming for me, and even though I haven't bought a Nintendo since the Gamecube, I want to see them succeed and I want them to design something I would love to buy. It's time to put the Wii behind us and move on.

I think Nintendo has what it takes to wake people up and remind them that this hobby is a beautiful thing. This industry doesn't have to simply be business as usual. Nintendo needs to bring the goods and inspire us, or dig a grave for their console manufacturing department. I'm hoping for the former.

Jon Lewis Staff Writer

06/01/2012 at 07:59 PM

Well said Mike. I definitely agree; while Sony and Microsoft are by no means incapable of doing so, Nintendo always seems to be the one to get me pumped to see whats in-store for the company. Maybe its my love for their huge list of flagship series or maybe because of their innovative hardware. I can easily say that thats what Im looking forward to seeing the most, but as I also said, if they don't deliver, then they will be in a lot of trouble. We'll see come Tuesday...

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