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Heavy On the Chic, Still on the Geek

A dozen or so fashion styles that keep trends just as much in line as geeky interests.

Everyone loves clothing, especially nice clothes, which help you feel good, get a job, and impress your girlfriend's family. But what people love most about clothes is using them as an outlet of self-expression. I've worn every type of clothing a girl could possibly wear, from frilly dresses in my youngest days to large men's tees from Hot Topic in my young teens. Nowadays I try to balance my two inner-mes out between self-expressionist and old band tees and trendy designer dressings and ankle boots (which I've only worn twice, I won't lie!!). Clothing is actually how I met my one true love as well, as I bumped face first into Neal's Super Mario Bros. tee. Let's face it – clothes are important for almost every aspect of life.

Now about Neal's Super Mario tee, let's talk nerd clothes. Graphic tees from Kohl's and "I love Superhero" t-shirts abound, so if that if that's what you want, you're golden. But like I said, I have my fair share of designer dresses and I personally crave a little more than a "Know Your Roots" tee when I look for nerdy digs. A lot of people do, male and female alike.

So here are some ideas for you to unleash your inner nerd and fashinista (or fashinisto!). And despite how it might read, I swear I do love Kohl's!

I won't hide it, this dress is the inspiration for this article. The pixilation is so funky, the colors are so fresh, and it's satin, making it luxe enough to wear to holiday dinner at your rich best friend's house but geeky enough to show your inner personality. Not to mention, the price is so right. Sorry to use the phrase, but this dress epitomizes geek chic.

Digital Love Dress

For those into faeries who want something a little bit different, here's a beautiful scarf that even I want, and I really have no faerie opinion.

Faerie Scarf

Rikku's scarf! Now this scarf is super sweet for daily wear, but would be perfect for cosplay or even just a nod in the FF X-2 direction.

Rikku's Scarf

And since I love Steampunk and boots: spats! While I've personally never worn spats, I love the way they make an ordinary pair of shoes or heels into crazy, eye-catching boots.


While neckties are undeniably necessary for fancy dinners and select holidays, they're also regrettably unavoidable, at least for some men. Etsy seller Cyberoptix Tie Lab comes personally recommended from me – I gave one of their ties to my dad for Christmas. They don't have any quintessential "nerd" styles – there's no Triforce to be found – but this is a style that I picked out to share with you all.


And for reference, this is the one that I got my dad for Christmas.

Other Necktie

Here's a BreakOut tee for the guys that keeps in with the video game theme while standing apart from the graphic tees rack at Kohl's:

BreakOut Tee

I've seen my fair share of sweet cufflinks in the past, but I have to admit that these Space Invaders cufflinks are to die for, understated, and, above all, geeky.

Space Invaders Cufflinks

Here's another set of cuff links, but Triforce ones this time around.

Triforce Cufflinks

And for the ladies, fitting in both Comic Con and your boyfriend's family's fave restaurant isn't that hard with this customizable, made to order necklace.

NES Controller Necklace

Speaking of Comic Cons, there's a new way to get some sweet swag – or some free drinks.

I <3 Free Shit

Now for a bit of home décor!

While this might not be the best thing to hang above a baby's crib, it would look really sweet hanging on a screened in porch or above your tv:

Left4Dead Mobile



Emperor Pilaf

10/13/2009 at 12:11 PM

I wanna shirt with Peppy from Starfox on it.

Neal Ronaghan Staff Alumnus

10/13/2009 at 12:41 PM

I want a shirt with Falco from Star Fox SNES that says the gibberish he speaks in that game ("wingwingwingdabbis")

Emperor Pilaf

10/13/2009 at 01:15 PM

You shouldn't make fun of Italian people Neal...

Chessa DiMola Assistant Director

10/13/2009 at 02:50 PM

I'm gonna buy that I <3 Free Shit t-shirt for E3 next year. Except I'm going to cross out the "I <3", replace it with "Give Me", and end the phrase with "Now".


10/13/2009 at 09:20 PM

omg the space invaders cufflinks are adorable!

Joaquim Mira Media Manager

10/13/2009 at 10:30 PM

Be amazed at my belt buckle... that I have yet to wear because I've procrastinated into finding a belt that would suit such awesome buckle:

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