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Website Helps Gamers Opt Out of Arbitration Only Terms

Don't want to surrender your right to take part in a class action suit? Visit this website.

Earlier this year Sony and EA/Origin made amendments to their Terms of Service that limited litigation to arbitration – essentially making gamers agree not to sue them in class action lawsuits in the event of, let’s say, a major security breach.

Both companies included opt out clauses in the terms, but these were well hidden and required the individual to send in a physical letter declaring their intentions of not surrendering their right to sue.  This is an obvious ploy at deterring gamers from opting out.

Thankfully gamers that don’t have the time or knowhow to opt-out can now do so electronically from the website, Gamers Opt Out.  This independent, not for profit site, will take down your account information and send a physical opt out letter for you. 

The website's creators' intentions are plainly stated on the home page.

“Gamers Opt Out is a collective of gamers who are sick of absurd EULAs from game companies. These EULAs have clauses preventing class-action lawsuits, though you can opt out of the clauses by sending a letter. We want to make it easier for everyone to opt out because Sony, EA, et al, believe most people won't bother to. Let's show them they're wrong.”

There is also a link on the site that will allow you to donate to help cover the costs of paper, envelopes and postage.  If you would like to opt out or make a donation to the cause, visit their website.



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