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THQ Layoffs Total 175 Employees

VP of Tech Mark DeLoura is among those let go.

THQ announced plans for layoffs that weren't from its five main internal studios a few days ago. In light of yesterday's NASDAQ delisting threat, we now know what those cuts are going to be. It has been confirmed by Joystiq that THQ has let go 175 employees; chief among them is Mark DeLoura, Vice President of Tech.

DeLoura was "responsible for technology strategy, the online game and MMO operations teams, the centralized online technology group, and relationships with platform and technology manufacturers," according to his LinkedIn page. DeLoura was also allegedly in charge of the upcoming Warhammer 40k MMO, a title rumored to be canceled.

THQ itself has not commented on this report but an investor call this Thursday may see an official announcement made.




02/02/2012 at 12:22 AM

"Speaking of investors, I'm surprised they're not revolting, calling for a change of management, new board of directors and the like."

Ask, and ye shall receive.

I'm not up on the whole story, save for the open letter a disgruntled ex-employee circulated around various news sites a few weeks ago, but it sounds like they gotta sack more top dogs. When your stock drops to under a buck from 30 or so, someone is asleep at the wheel.

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