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More Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC with Lightning on the Way

Check back in May for another Paradigm Shift.

Square Enix has announced the latest batch of planned DLC for Final Fantasy XIII-2, which will once again focus on Lightning. In Lightning’s Story: Requiem of the Goddess, players will be treated to hidden truths behind the game’s mysterious endings. It will depict the battle between Lightning and Cauis not shown in the main game. Outside of Lightning, the expansion will also rope in Final Fantasy XIII stars, Sazh and Snow.

Anecdotally, a downloadable character named Jihl Nabaat will become available on March 13th. Jihl, the Psicom Officer, is an opponent in the coliseum. PSN users should expect to pay $2.99, £1.59, or € 1.99 for the latest content, while Xbox players will need to  240 Microsoft Points.



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