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Xbox 360 Live Arcade Achievement Policy Changing

Major Nelson confirms the rumored changes.

Earlier today an anonymous source tipped off that some changes are coming to the total number of Gamerscore points and achievements Xbox Live Arcade titles can have. Starting on April 1, each XBLA title can carry double the number of achievement points, going from 200 to 400, and 10 more total achievements, increasing from 20 to 30. Major Nelson has since confirmed this information, also revealing that starting in June, all XBLA games will mandatorily carry 400 Gamerscore points.

In addition to the XBLA title changes, DLC can now carry double the Gamerscore points as well, going from 50 to 100.  Diabolical Pitch and The Splatters (that will release in the limbo period) will continue to implement the old 200 point scheme, so it's still unknown which title will be the first to offer the increased point capacity.



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