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Microsoft Unveils Xbox Smart Glass

Microsoft aims to integrate your handheld devices into the Xbox Experience.

During Microsoft’s media briefing this morning, they unveiled plans for a new service that will integrate tablet and phone connectivity with your Xbox 360. Xbox Smart Glass allows you to interact with your Xbox 360 via these devices and opens up a new array of media functions for your phone as well.

An application for your smart phone or tablet (WP8, iOS, Android) is all you'll need to use touch control for a variety of Xbox Live functions. If developers so choose, they can integrate this functionality into their games. Madden, for instance, will allow you to control the Madden Playbook with touch control on your phone. This is clearly meant to rival the upcoming innate functionality of Nintendo's Wii U. 

Microsoft also announced some new features that would go hand in hand with this, such as Internet Explorer for Xbox 360. Xbox users can use their Kinect to interact with both the Internet and Bing on the console to search the web. Your phone will act as a hub to push content to the TV, again similar to what Nintendo showed during their Nintendo Direct briefing yesterday.

Microsoft hopes to “make any TV a Smart TV” this fall.



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