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ESRB Reveals The Magic Obelisk for North America

Game Arts' WiiWare game, Shadow Walker, comes to North America under a new name.

A recent ESRB listing reveals that Game Arts is bringing their first WiiWare game to North America under the name, The Magic Obelisk. In Japan the game is known as Shadow Walker.

The game is rated E for Everyone by the ESRB, with the description of the game as follows:

"This is a puzzle game in which players guide a spirit across floating landscapes in the sky. Players create paths, on which the spirit can walk, by forming shadows along the landscape; he is unable to walk in sunny areas. Ghosts and robotic cats can knock the spirit out of the shade, causing him to yelp and resulting in "dizzy stars" that twirl above his head."

Currently, it's unknown when the title will see release. Historically with Virtual Console and WiiWare listings, a rating on the ESRB website does not always mean that the game will be available around the time of listing. Nintendo decides the release schedule, and as a result games can be made available on any given Monday.



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