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Atlus Reveals New Classes for Etrian Odyssey 3

The official game website reveals brand new character classes for the upcoming Etrian Odyssey sequel.

The Japanese branch of Atlus has recently updated the official website for Etrian Odyssey 3. The latest update reveals new character classes as well as descriptions of the characters. Siliconera has translated the character details.

The first new character class is the Warrior. While the class has poor defense, they possess excellent offensive abilities. Warriors specialize in large and blunt weapons.

The Zodiac have special cosmic powers. With the aid of ether they can perform star techniques.

The Ballista take use of ranged weapons such as bows and guns and bear the nickname "archer".

The Beast King is a unique class as they have the special ability to communicate with wild animals. Using this capability players can make monsters fight for them.

The last new class is the Farmer. While farmers have poor combat skills, they can help your party navigate the sea.

These new classes will join the existing roster of classes which include, princess/prince, shinobi, pirate, phalanx, and monk.



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