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Where the Wild Things Are Preview

Max runs away to play a 3D platformer with his Wild Thing friends this October.

Where the Wild Things Are, based on the upcoming film that is based on the classic children's book, is a single-player adventure platformer for Wii, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. Expanding on the theme and style of the book and film, the game begins its own story with Max's arrival at the land of Wild Things. You take control of Max as he travels the land with his Wild Thing friends.

While most of the game is a 3D platformer, Max also races on the backs of Wild Things, sails his boat down river rapids, and performs other genre-bending activities. He also gains power-ups throughout the game that enable him to fly, as well as do other activities.

The Wild Things' village acts as the central hub for the game, where Max goes to in order to find new adventures to embark on and mini-games to play. There are also over 400 collectable objects hidden in each level, such as animal skulls or remnants from giant falling stars. His health meter expands by breaking objects and obtaining their energy as he defeats enemies such as giant fireflies, which are beaten with his scepter.

Between the three consoles, the only differences are a graphical sheen and some Wii-exclusive controls that let players use the Wii Remote to make Max dance and roar.

Where The Wild Things Are is scheduled for an October 13 release date, and is developed by Griptonite Games.



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