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Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth Preview

Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth steps out of the courtroom to try his hand at some good old fashioned detective work.

Devoted fans of the Phoenix Wright series will have the opportunity to experience the series in a brand new way with the release of Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth.

There are many key differences which set this latest edition apart from its predecessors, mainly taking on the role of prosecutor, and Wright's arch nemesis, Miles Edgeworth. This time around Edgeworth will be cooperating with law enforcement in order to solve crimes and put criminals behind bars.

The game will be much more puzzle based than its predecessors, requiring players to not only thoroughly investigate a crime scene for evidence, but also solve challenges presented to them in order to unlock clues. Players are now allowed free range movement across the different areas they will encounter using either the stylus or D-Pad. The stylus will also come in handy when scouring a crime scene in order to uncover clues.

Throughout each ordeal, players will guide Edgeworth through the efforts of collecting and deciphering evidence, and squeezing the truth from suspects and witnesses alike. While the player never actually sets foot in a courtroom, there are battles which are fought similarly to those in previous Phoenix Wright titles. The witness or suspect gives their testimony and the player will press them and offer evidence to support the contradictions. After this initial phase the witness or suspect will deliver a revised testimonial and through the cross examination phase, all will be revealed.

The newly implemented logic mode allows players to uncover new evidence by combining two pieces of already found information. Players will also be able to seek contradictions with material witnesses. When these instances come about, they will be required to present more evidence in order to reveal the contradiction and uncover the real truth behind the matter.

Ace Attorney Investigations contains several unique cases for players to solve containing over fifteen hours of gameplay in total. A sneak peek into some of the cases a player is expected to encounter include a mysterious murder which occurs in Edgeworth's office while he is away on a business trip, and Edgeworth discovering the corpse of a man inside of an airplane elevator.

Capcom's latest case-cracking title will be coming to shelves February 16, 2010.



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