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Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes Preview

Players will fight for Japanese rule in Capcom's samurai-based brawler.

Sengoku BASARA Samurai Heroes, recently announced for Wii and PlayStation 3, is set in the middle of a warring period in Japanese history. Players will take control of more than a dozen characters as they march to the climatic battle of Sekigahara and try to rule 16th century Japan.

With a variety of weapons ranging from swords to spears, players will march through huge battlefields while taking on hundreds of enemies. They will also be able to make use of supporting generals to help them on their beat-'em-up quest.

The innovative Hero's Story allows players to follow many different branching paths in the single-player campaign and choose who becomes their friend and who becomes their enemy. The two versions will feature the same campaign, although the PS3 version will also feature online co-op.

From the producer of Devil May Cry 4, Sengoku BASARA Samurai Heroes looks to successfully bring the samurai beat-'em-up series to Wii and PlayStation 3 in 2010.



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