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Binary Domain Preview

The robotic uprising draws nigh.

We’ve all heard the story before.  Man creates machines, machines become self aware, machines rise up against man, and Keanu Reeves saves the day.  This is the basic stuff that sci-fi horror and technological apocalypse stories are made of, but as we draw closer and closer to reaching the singularity, these hypothetical doomsday scenarios creep deeper into the collective consciousness.

Binary Domain is the latest in a long line of games that deal with the possible consequences of technology gone horribly wrong.  Set in the vision of Tokyo in the year 2080, players will control a human squad as they fight through a robot uprising that threatens the very future of humanity.

What sets Binary Domain apart from other third-person, squad-based shooters is, ironically enough, the AI.  Using a new mechanic called the Consequence System; your squad mate’s reactions to your commands will depend upon your actions in the game.  Constantly sending your team ahead as human shields will cause them to lose faith in your leadership abilities and they will soon start refusing to follow orders.  This will force the player to think of their AI controlled teammates as actual living, breathing human beings rather than as bullet sponges or decoys.

Inversely, the enemy AI has been fine tuned to adapt to not only the ever changing field of combat but their state of being as well.  As enemy robots take damage they will modify their tactics in an effort to overcome their new lack of mobility or other suddenly lacking attributes.  Players will have to carefully analyze each new enemy for weaknesses and the most efficient means of disposing of them.

When tied together, these separate AI elements will hopefully come together to form a compelling battlefield that will rely on a mix of tactical know-how and skill to conquer.

Binary Domain will also come with a fully functional online multiplayer suite.   As can be expected, there will be a variety of versus and co-op modes that will see players either working against or with each other to secure victory.

Binary Domain launches February 28, 2012 on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.



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