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Dishonored Preview

There's no honor among thieves, but what about assassins?

As a kid I remember being told that my imagination was the greatest toy I could ever own, but what my parents didn’t tell me was that it's also my greatest weapon. That’s the exact mentality that Arkane Studios brings to their new first-person action title Dishonored. Cast as a supernatural assassin armed with a cornucopia of awe inspiring abilities, players will be free to choose how and when they strike their prey. Everything from instant teleportation to melding your mind with a fish is possible. Truly, this is one game where; “if you think it, you can probably do it”.

Set in fanciful yet dystrophic backdrop of Dunwall, the steampunk inspired setting serves to set the mood for this dark-spirited tale. As a former trusted body guard of the Empress, who now finds himself framed for her untimely demise, you turn to the life of an assassin in search of answers and vengeance. In your quest for the truth, you conspire with dark forces to gain the ability to call upon your ungodly powers. However, as you uncover the corruption that showers the plague infested streets of Dunwall, you can’t help but ask – are these abilities worth the cost?

The gameplay wonderfully counteracts the despair ridden setting, providing players with a level of freedom and fluidity that is seldom seen in games. Equipped with weapons, unusual gadgets, and of course your trusty powers players will be able to concoct a vast array of death dealing combos. Designed to interact and enhance one another, the game urges players to experiment. See an enemy fire his gun? Why not stop time and then use mind control to move him into the fray of his own fire. Want to kill your target, but don’t want to get your hands dirty? Try turning up the heat with the boiler valve you found and let nature takes it course.

Dishonored’s economy further develops strategy and customization, allowing players to upgrade their abilities and equipment. With only a limited number of slots and resources available, players will have to decide which abilities to invest in and which to leave by the wayside. Upgraded weapons and abilities will offer additional utility allowing players to create whole new strategies and pairings.

While there’s still much to see from Dishonored before it hits shelves this October, its rich detailed ambiance and flexible combat system make it a promising title worth looking out for.



Angelo Grant Staff Writer

06/13/2012 at 05:30 PM

The more I learn about the game, the more excited I am for it. If this thing makes good on it's promises, I'll be more addicted to this than I was to any other game this generation.

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