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LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Hands On Preview

Now with more Adam West!

I didn’t really expect what I got when I started playing Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham. To my understanding, this newest entry was going to focus on Batman, and the rest of the Justice League as they tackle some of the more cosmic threats on the DC universe. While that still stands true, parts of the game – like what I played at the New York Comic Con – are very unique and full of fan service.

I was first in control of Robin – but rather than the traditional Robin seen in the comics it was based off of the 60’s television interpretation of Batman. As I kept observing the game, I realized the batmobile was of that era as well. Then I came to find out that this demo was done in the style of the classic Adam West Batman incarnation – voice and all. It was bizarre to hear him in game, as zany as ever but also with other affects that added to the personality of the demo. For example, punching foes and objects would cause the obligatory “ZING!” and “BAM” markers to pop up. It was both funny and charming to see those in action.

Gameplay was very much the same as other Lego games. Character specific abilities make a return. In one instance, I needed to play as Robin in order to do an acrobatic section, but I would need to play as Batman to throw a bomb at a certain enemy. The charm of the Lego series persisted throughout the demo, as Adam West continued to add his voice to the scenario.

Along with this, players can expect a wealth of content. More than 150 characters from the DC universe will be playable, including multiple heroes from the Justice League to notorious villains. The overall plot of the game, which centers around Braniac shrinking worlds and stealing them for his own personal collection, will likely be as light-hearted as the previous Lego games but that’s obviously not a bad thing. The humor of this series is one of the selling points, and having Adam West hamming it up after all these years should be a real treat.  

I’ve never been too interested in the Lego games, but thanks to the Lego Batman and Lego Marvel series, my interest has been peaked. The short demo of Beyond Gotham might have intrigued me enough to give it a try when the game launches this fall. Did I mention Adam West??



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