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Descent Review

Descent into awesome.

Even if you only played the demo way back in the ancient days of the mid-'90s, it's hard to forget the thrill of flying in and out of cramped hallways, dodging lasers and missiles to steal a door key and then strafing downward (or is it upward?) back out of the room to safety. Descent celebrates its 19th birthday this month with a straight, bare-bones port on Steam—all 27 stomach-wrenching levels of the original. This particular version has some mouse issues, but a great game is a great game.

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Interplay Announces Descent for WiiWare

Interplay brings another classic title to the Wii.

Interplay recently announced that they are partnering with G1M2 to bring Interplay's classic title, Descent, to WiiWare.

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