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Game of Thrones (Show)

Reply #1 - April 14, 2014 08:23 AM EDT
Chris Yarger

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Yeah, this Thread needed to be created after last night's episode.

The only real 'rule' I'd like to enforce though is to keep it based around the show as opposed to the books, unless something has happened in the show that was slightly different within the books. This way, it keeps all FUTURE episodes spoiler free, but previous episodes can be freely discussed (Using the spoiler tag though, of course) and dissected.

So, how about that Joffrey death?

Reply #2 - May 05, 2014 07:39 PM EDT

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This thread needs more attention I think?
I should point out that I havent read any of the books, but I've watched all the episodes since the show started and I tend to keep TV/Movies/Comics separated.

S4E5 "First of His Name"
Last nights episode was very revealing, and once again when the world feels a bit safe, you realize that this world is never safe, but full of traps. Thanks RR Martin? Without spoiling...
Cersei- For once I didnt completely hate her, although I think the audience is supposed to. She admitted that Joffrey shocked her which was new. She also admitted that she loved him uconditionally because he was her first born and that's what Mothers do. She also didn't seem to be too hostile towards Margaery and discussed marrying her second son who is now the new king or whatever. Still a revelation for her character.
Lysa- This bitch! I've been placing a lot of the blame for the tragic events of the Stark family mostly on the mother Catelyn and the idiot Bran for snooping around that tower when Jaime and Cersei were doing, well you know...But now it seems that a lot of the rivalry between the Starks and Lannisters may have started with Lysa. I like how Sansa seemed safe at first when she got the the Vale but then her aunt Lysa went all psycho bitch on her when she was eating honey cakes or whatever accusing her of getting things on with Littlefinger. Poor Sansa. She went from one asylum to another. :(
Tyrion- absent from this episode. :(
Daenerys - I dont like how she stopped her plans for invasion of Westoros to take a break to "rule" her kingdom or whatever. 
Bran- Still looking for that 3 eyed crow with the creepy friends of his. He takes over Hodors mind and murders someone while in Hodors body. Really cool!
Jon Snow- Killed a bunch of rapists, finally! Cool 

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