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About Me:

I grew up on Atari and NES and really came of age with the SNES. Those systems still hold a significant place in my heart, and have shaped my taste in games. Yes I am that guy that will buy the classic console, and the rerelease of that game each time it comes out. I took a bit of a break in the late '00s and was more of a mobile gamer until I picked up a PSP and PS Vita in 2015. That rekindled my love of gaming and at the same time helped me through some darker times.

Favorite Games:

Final Fantasy 6, and 4
Dragon Quest 8, and Builders, and starting to like XI
Legend of Zelda Link to the Past, and Link Between Worlds

Favorite Music:

My taste in music ranges from classical, to metal, and even to hip hop. I have really enjoyed finding a number of game soundtracks and keeping them on my phone so I can listen to them throughout the day at work, while doing homework.



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