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About Me:

I was a long time lurker on About the time I decided to participate, the site went defunct. Wondering aimlessly around the interwebs, I found pixlbit. Lo and behold, I recognized many folks here from 1up. I decided to hang my hat a bit and see what happens.

Apparently, I have many of you at the disadvantage. I recognize you, you have never had the opportunity to see me. Hopefully, I can rectify that one. :)

A bit about me.

I first came into gaming as a wee lad on the 2600. My favorite genre and system over the years were RPG's on the SNES, though I have grown to love a wide array of games and systems.

I hope to post my thoughts here on games I am currently playing. I don't want to call them "reviews" because they will probably not be that structured. They will shoot straight though.

Hopefully I can make some friends here who can make sense of my nonsense.

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