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About Me:

My gaming background:

I grew up with my dad's Coleco Telstar Colortron, which I still own and play. My cousin lived kitty corner to me. He was 5 years older, and had a VCS that he let me borrow when he got his NES. I still remember playing Frogger, Pitfall!, Pacman, and Joust in his basement, and later at my house.

NES at his house: rad racer, blades of steel

NES at walls

SNES first japanese version

NES and snes at bowmans

SNES at buchers

PS1 at bains

n64 at helgesens
N64 at hearts 007

N64 at scotts San francisco rush

saturn and dreamcast at scotts? virtua cop, hosue of dead, daytona

my SNES 2, joels snes

Favorite Games:

Favorite Music:



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