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About Me:

I'm a blogging vagrant, left homeless after the close of

I want to study games.

Technology is having a steadily more profound impact on the way we react to our environment, communicate with each other, take in information, and play.
As gaming has become the highest grossing medium of entertainment and digital art, I think its important to look at what it is we are creating and consuming. How does it effect our minds over time, and how will it impact our day to day life?
Will the internet and pc become an extension of our identity and consciousness, as some futurists (and Ghost in the Shell :D) speculates?
I want to write about and explore these ideas so I'll be typing about a lot of articles on the science of gaming and computers, as well as doing reviews and thinking aloud.

I'm an artist (working with pixels, spray paint, markers) and graphic designer who makes genre-less beats and quasi-hiphop music when not madly cycling about town, taking photos of graffiti and things, or organizing my brain.

I read a lot and volunteer at the the local library. Mostly psychology, zen and Buddhism, art history, psychedelic studies, occasional manga, and trippy sci-fi.

Hope this finds you well.
Drop me a line.

Favorite Games:

Ocarina of Time (64 and 3D)
Majora's Mask
Mega Man Legends,1 & 2
Hotline Miami
Final Fantasy IX,X,XII,XIV
Dragon Quest I & II for SNES
Pokemon Blue, Silver, Emerald, Black
Far Cry 3
Diablo I,II,III
Guild Wars
King of Fighters
Capcom v.s SNK

Favorite Music:

Flying Lotus
M.F. Doom
J Dilla
Space Gang
Matt and Kim
Reign Supreme
Citizen Starcrusher
Dee M Tee
Stanley Ipkuss
Spec Boogie
Ryan Hemsworth
Mac Dre
Boards of Canada
Araab Beats
Danny Brown
Ab Soul
Kendrick Lamar
Deniro Farrar
Tokyo Hands
DJ Smokey 666
Gold Panda