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About Me:

Oh hey, what are you doing here? To be honest, I pretty much forgot about this thing existing. But with the new influx of traffic we’re now getting, might as well try to be (un)funny with an introduction of sorts. I am Matt McLennan, a contributing writer to PixlBit who likes Mario games, and some Zelda games, Metroid games, various Nintendo games and tons of various games on other systems. Various stuff, you see. Hope you don’t get tired of me saying ‘various’.

As for what I write on PixlBit, Mario Mania is my baby though sometimes it takes me a while to write things for it. New games are constantly coming out and sometimes you have to put your love for Mario on hold. I’ve been in at least two PixlTalk podcasts, one which focused on Ocarina of Time 3D when it came out.

If you tagged me as the “retro gamer”, your tagging is correct. Most of the stuff I have written on have been older games, though I occasionally review newer things, but not at a fast pace. When I’m not bitching about the gaming industry or Nintendo’s third party support on Pietriots, I’m celebrating the fun older stuff.

Favorite Games:

If I tried to list all my favorite games, I would be here forever. So instead, my favorite game companies: Nintendo, Atlus, Wayforward, Platinum Games, UbiSoft Montpeller, Retro Studios, Monster Games, Next Level Games…Nintendo products, Chunsoft, Monolithsoft, Mistwalker.

Favorite Music:

I love me some various game music, and YouTube users have some great gumption to upload music tracks. Easily the best is GilvaSunner, the amount of tracks he has from various Nintendo games is amazing.