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About Me:

Took me FAR too long to get started with this little project (laziness is a murtha), but I'm just here to write down storylines that I would love to see in some games I have or am just inspired by.

I hope you enjoy them as they come along!

I like to consider myself and old school gamer. I'm pretty sure that I haven't grown out of games, per se. I'm just broke (lol (T~T);) and busy (and yet broke... oh, the cruel irony).

I'm a lover of Anime (very rarely the new stuff, though. ...inquire within, if you're curious), Music (mostly Hip-Hop, Rock, Game OSTs, Trip-Hop, Chill, Jazz, and stuff from the 60s and 70s. I love ANYTHING that sounds good, though, Period), and Exotic/Erotic Art (from filthy H-works to Masterpieces), Space, and more.

So, feel free to ask for anything else, though I must be honest... I am HELLA lazy with responses, sometimes (v_\)

Favorite Games:

Touhou Project a.k.a. Project Shrine Maiden, The Xenosaga Series, Star Wars II: Battlefront, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Ridge Racer 64, Tekken, Double Dragon II: The Revenge, The Rogue Squadron Series, The Super Star Wars Series (for the SNES)

Favorite Music:

Fat Jon The Ample Soul Physician a.k.a. Maurice Galactica, Madlib, J Dilla a.k.a. Jay Dee, Nujabes, NewClassic ala NCKL, Nomak, Nitsua, Uyama Hiroto, DJ Okwanari, Curtis Mayfield



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