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Thoughts on my Mind #1 (Samurai LP Stand Kamiya Cats)

On 03/24/2012 at 06:25 PM by Matt McLennan

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By any chance, were you wondering what your Uncle Matt was thinking? Of course you weren’t, but here they are anyway.

#1: What the hell is Hideki Kamiya making right now?

He better be making the next Star Fox for WiiU, or something else that will be just as awesome as his other games. Am I the only one who wants Cutie J made?

#2 That 3DS stand is actually good.

Seriously, it helps out a lot when playing with the default setting in Kid Icarus: Uprising. Still doesn’t help ease my P.O’d state of missing out on that 3D Classics: Kid Icarus pre-order. (Do you hate Canada, NoA?) Oh well, I still have it on the Wii VC.

And that stand will help out with DS FPS games from Renegade Kid… you know the ones.

#3 I will be attempting a Let’s Play/Playbit in the near future!

What will it be? Once I get my new computer (and figure out multiple technical issues), it will be a video LP of my unsung SNES favorite Star Fox. If things go well when I attempt it, I might do another one, but of which game? …Maybe a Game Boy classic never released outside of Japan.

#4 I’m re-watching Samurai Pizza Cats… on YouTube

God I wish this show was on DVD.

Until next time PixlBit readers!

- Matto in the hatto.



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