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What is up with Mario Mania? Also VC bitching/KA 3D.

On 11/21/2011 at 02:03 AM by Matt McLennan

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Oh hey guys how is it going?

...Oh, me? What am I doing?

Basically, I am looking for a new job that doesn't involve VIDEO GAMES in the wonderful world we call 'real life'. Pixlbit writings from me have stalled a bit due to real life circumstances, but whatever free time I get, I write about Super Mario World. I am looking forward to all of you reading my love for Yoshi.

Also, isn't anyone else disgusted with Nintendo of America (and Europe too) not supporting the Wii Virtual Console. Unlike Japan, which is getting games, we're stuck with nothing. Wanna know the last Wii VC game I bought? Final Fantasy III/VI. If anything, I should be the Virtual Console manager. Tons of wrist slapping will occur. Names will be taken. Lines will be drawn.

Also, Kirby's Adventure 3D Classics. Did I buy this game on the 3DS despite having it on VC? Why yes. Yes I did. I love Kirby's Adventure, if you read my review of it. Its not the most creative 3D Classic, but then again, it shares the limelight with Urban Champion. On the other hand, it fixes the graphical flicker and makes the game look much better.

Matt out.



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