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White Knight Chronicles II Preview

Jason checks out the next installment of Level-5's White Knight Chronicles series.

This year, we're doing something a bit different. In order to bring you coverage as fast as possible, we'll be posting audio recordings of notes from staff members at E3 and later adding in a written version of the impressions. Please click through and check out this staff member's recorded thoughts on the game from the E3 show floor.


- The original game is included on the disc and it has been remastered - now includes online play with up to 6 players, crafting system upgrade.

- takes place a year after the first

- Magi have risen to create their own empire. Invading other countries to power grab

- stars Leonard and friends. Use sky ship to investigate the magi

- create your own character, import your character from the last game. Not certain if you can import your chracter from the non packed in version of the game

- arc knights, new in this game - can become an arc knight

- players can choose different armor types. Jason saw a knight that wielded a hammer in battle

- customization system in place to create your own arc knight

- real time ATB fighting - something similar to an MMO mixed with Final Fantasy ATB. Positioning matters to the experience.

- Some of the attacks break turns

- 50 or 60 hours long if you perform sidequests. A bit shorter otherwise

- very easy to run away in the game. Party members behave differently when you run.

- enemies can strike through each other

- special abilities called charge attack. Like magic attack, costs MP. Mash a given button for a more powerful attack.

- Yshrenian (evil) empire is back, Scardigne is in the game with some crazy evil looking armor. Lady Miu is mostly green, with green hair and a bow and arrow.

- different attacks, blunt, slash, thrust. Rocks Paper Scissors system to turn break

- saw boss, giant gargoyle. appeared to be a first boss

- game is difficult

- game is seamless between online and offline when it comes to trading items. Solves the problem of people of different skill levels playing together.



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