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About Me:

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I think my story is somewhat average. I'm pretty much a born gamer: Ever since I can remember, I was playing video games on the NES. Mario Bros., Duck Hunt, and Galaga were probably the first, with a few others in the mix. From there, I remember playing Super Mario Bros. 3 two-player, with a sister, where we would never get out of the third world, and only wanted to use the flutes to get to the fourth one. From that point on, I only grew to enjoy playing video games more and more.

I have to say I'm a Nintendo fan, through and through. I've found their games have rarely disappointed me, and have nearly always been worth both the financial and time investments involved. Ever since I rented a copy of Final Fantasy III on the SNES, I've also had a little bit of a thing for RPGs, though more often than not, I find that my nostalgia for games on the SNES hasn't carried over to newer, flashier RPGs, for whatever reason. I don't typically play FPSs, despite being competitive, but I like to play some of the RTS, fighting, and even a bit of the head-to-head puzzle game genres. I Have a secret love-affair with Shmups that stems from Galaga and arcade games, like 1945. (Shhhh)

Beyond that, I like games that are just different. Katamari Damacy has been a big hit for me, partly because it's so far out there. No More Heroes is absolutely a brilliant thing, despite its many flaws.

My biggest pet peeve, though, has to be games that coddle the gamer, and don't let him or her opt out. Games that force long tutorials on the player, or show the same flashback twice in a conversation fall into this category. I believe all games should have a "How To Play," but I think such things should be optional, and readily available whenever you need them.

Favorite Games:

There's almost too many favorite games to count them all. I love platformers, RPGs like Earthbound, Chrono Trigger, and Final Fantasy VI. I believe Ikaruga was a fantastic experience. Katamari Damacy was a breath of fresh air. 2D Mega Man has almost always been fun. Currently, I have a love affair with both Smash Bros. Brawl and Tatsunoko vs. Capcom.

Favorite Music:

I'm not a big "music" person. I find a song I enjoy, and typically, I latch on to it for a while, and forget about it later. The rare occaisions this hasn't been true involve Frank Sinatra, instrumental brass music, and Aerosmith, which, together, might just be the strangest trio I think I've seen in the music world.

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