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Iron Brigade Hands On Preview

Double Fine's latest is due in two weeks and it offers a unique take on tower defense and third person action.

This year, we're doing something a bit different. In order to bring you coverage as fast as possible, we'll be posting audio recordings of notes from staff members at E3 and later adding in a written version of the impressions. Please click through and check out this staff member's recorded thoughts on the game from the E3 show floor.


- XBLA exclusive - releases in a couple of weeks

- 4 player online co-op

- seems to be a great title

- Run and Gun Tower Defense title

- play as a soldier who fights inside of a mobile trench

- basically, you are inside of a mech that looks like a trench

- Alternate universe after WWI

- Broadcast that goes out to the world melts brains for those who hear it. Two characters in the game aren't killed by it

- the ones who don't die from the broadcast are given super skills

- Dr Wily/Dr Light from the broadcast

- Woodruff, good guy, creates the mobile trenches so people can get out. Defensive. Lives in an iron lung and smokes a cigar. macho.

- Vlad, bad guy, creates TV monsters

- Players put on different hats which results in different salutes

- Put turrets to each direction of the d-PAd

- Different locations, destroyed europe, safari, pacific island

- Players defend their base. Some enemies (TV monsters) charge the base, some charge the turrets, some charge the trenches

- Game is humorous, contains funny dialog. Tom Kane, Victor brandt lend voice to Woodruff and Vlad respectively

- Killing enemies provides power to make more towers

- players have 2 customizable weapons, machine gun and a high power shot like magnum. Auto-reload, infinite ammo.

- Bosses present. one mini-boss was like a spider. Rushes base, can insta-destroy towers.

- 10 hour game, replay to get better medals and unlock stuff in the shop.

- Various other actions in the game tied to completion will unlock thigns in the shop.

- Can upgrade and buy new stuff for your mobile trench.

- boss battles are more offensive than defensive.

- no NPC ally characters

- enemies all have tv screens on them. The video on these screens are fun little home captured video, rather than stock footage. It was too expensive to get, but they liked the idea of original stuff for the video in the end.



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