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Ghost Recon Future Soldier "Inside Recon: Guerilla Mode"

Check out Guerilla Mode in the upcoming Ghost Recon Future Soldier.




03/31/2012 at 05:38 PM

I played a bit of the first two Advanced Warfighter games, I even played both generation versions of the 1st game. I really want to like these games but I there's way too much going on on-screen and I always have a big problem with it. It's straight up over-stimulation and clutter. When I play, my soldier always feels so unweildly and overly complicated. The goal is to shoot something in the face with your assault rifle, but there's so many distractions from HUD effects and gadgets and this and that and giggidy gaggidy bling blang drone incoming colored diamonds shiny shit galore! How are you suppose to fight a war like that? The cover systems have always sucked really bad as well. These games have tended to try and be too sophisticated and they end up doing the small things (design-wise) very poorly.

Even with that said I will probably want to check this out, something keeps drawing me back to the series and makes me want to see what's going on with their combat and everything else. The guerilla mode sounds pretty interesting I guess. I love a good survival mode. I'll have to see if this game's version is any good. I want to see what the tactical camo is all about as well. If I can use a bit of stealth they'll earn brownie points with me.

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