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PB & Jason Issue 83: A Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich is not a Podcast

PB & Jason is not about sandwiches, it's about video games!

Good thing, too, since you can find a lot of commentary on gaming news in this week's PB & Jason. Things like the real story of Peter Molyneux's departure from Lionhead Studios. Other things, like Sonic 4: Episode 2's Wii woes. Don't forget information on why Cliff Bleszinski thinks on-disc DLC is a necessary evil! Of course, there is more than all this in PB & Jason 83, but to hear the rest, you'll have to click through to find the podcast's download links.

Of course, those with listener mail can always contact me by sending email to Come back next Wednesday for Issue 84! I'm sure it'll be next week's best ever PB & Jason, too!



Esteban Cuevas Staff Alumnus

04/11/2012 at 11:21 PM

Well, good thing I waited to get Sonic 4: Ep. 1 on my 360. Funny thing, I had a Wii first but decided to wait on getting a PS3 or 360 because the price had dropped to $10 on those two versions while the Wii version remained at $15 and the PC version wasn't out yet. Seemed like a rip-off since the PS3 and 360 versions were in HD.

Jason Ross Senior Editor

04/12/2012 at 11:15 PM

That's certainly something Sony and Microsoft have done a lot better than Nintendo this generation: Discounts on downloadable software. The only discount I can recall for the Wii was done by Sega around Christmas a few years back.

Angelo Grant Staff Writer

04/16/2012 at 12:23 PM

I really enjoyed this one Jason, and not just because my name got dropped.  My thoughts on Mr. Molyneux are pretty much in line with yours, and I'm a big fan of good sarcasm (when I know to expect it!) so I thoroughly enjoyed the first half of the podcast as well as the Balloon Fight bit.

Speaking of Balloon Fight, we gotta make that happen.  I like the idea you had, but when I heard it, the first thing I thought of was to make that the "Balloon Trip" portion of the game.  There could be levels where you were free to explore and do the things you mentioned, as well as a forced scrolling section where you scored points by avoiding obstacles and fighting crime on a wind current forced journey through the city.  You could have a storyline worked in, and could only progress if you met certain objectives outlined in the level.  The idea I had could be the arcade mode. Man, I wish we could pitch this to the big N!  I can't think of any way to improve on it further without using chocolate or bacon!

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