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PB & Jason Issue 85: PB & Jason All-Stars Battle Royale!

Did Sony copy Nintendo's mascot fighter idea? Who cares?

The Sony fighter has been announced! Will it live up to its Nintendo counterpart? No one knows! That doesn't stop me from speculating. The important thing isn't whether or not it's a rip-off. What matters is that it's fun to play. Oh, right. I do talk about other things in this PB & Jason, I almost forgot. Remember Issue 84? In that issue, I talked a little bit about the fear of incentivizing game reviews on websites like with DLC. This week, I expand on the idea, presenting a few clearer reasons why such a thing could become harmful. I also discuss my take on the next-gen console rumors that they'll be made to prevent used games. You'll be surprised at the level of reason I can achieve when I can remain level-headed! You'll have to listen to learn the conclusion I draw, though. Click through for the download links!

Of course, those with listener mail can always contact me by sending email to Come back next Wednesday for Issue 86! I'm sure it'll be next week's best ever PB & Jason, too!



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