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Comprehensive Diablo III Guide

Everything you need--from the basics to theory crafting--to help take you from Noob to Nephalem.

Basic Tips

Before we get caught up in the virtuous conquests that await you, it’s vital that we first cover the basics. Here are a few simple tips that are guaranteed to increase your odds of survival.

Power Is Nothing without Control

As basic as this sounds, make sure your controls are comfortable before heading into battle. Diablo 3 is a game that relies on quick thinking and even quicker reactions. Using the right skill at the right time is often the difference between leaving a battle unscathed and not leaving the battle at all.

Additionally, while in the menus, make sure that you have Electoral Mode activated. This allows players to use any ability in any skill slot, as opposed to only being able to use defensive skills in the defensive slot or mantras in the mantra slot. To turn this ability on simply go to Options>Gameplay>Turn on Electoral Mode. While you’re in the gameplay menu, remember to turn on Advanced Tooltips (which will be directly above Electoral Mode). This will allow you to see the specific numerical data of each skill; such as how much damage a particular skill does, which makes it far easier to weigh your options when choosing character builds.

These two tips may not seem like a big deal, but believe me they are probably among the most important things you will learn from this guide, so make sure you turn them on.

*Important Note*

Turning on Elective Mode will unlock your action bars, which could cause skills to be removed accidently mid battle (has caused me to die several times). To lock your action bar again, simply turn off Electoral Mode after choosing your skills.

A Potion a Day Keeps the Demons at Bay

Again this is pretty basic, but I’ve seen more than a few teammates die from not having enough health potions on hand. My number one focus when playing Diablo 3 is always survivability. While damage is great and fun to dish out, it’s all for not if you’re not standing to deal it. One of the easiest ways to increase your odds of survival is to have an ample supply of health potions on hand. Usually I like to carry around 20 potions at all times; this insures that if you find yourself in a lengthy battle you won’t run out. One of the great things about Diablo 3 is that teleporting as is easy as pressing the ‘T key.’ You can head back into town, restock, and get back into the action very quickly. With restocking being as easy as it is, there are no excuses for being unprepared.

Teleport Wisely and Teleport Often

Don’t let the teleport ability go to waste. One of my favorite aspects about this game is the ability to teleport in and out of combat at will. It’s best to take advantage of this often, as you will be obtaining vast amounts of loot throughout your journeys. There will be times when you have so much loot that you may be apprehensive about picking up that next magical item for fear of becoming encumbered, but I urge you pick up every piece of magical loot that you find. If you find yourself overstuffed with goodies, simply teleport back to town, sell off the excess, and get right back into the fray.

Generosity Goes Along Way

Being generous and friendly with other players can pay dividends.  When farming/leveling often you’ll usually come across quality equipment that doesn’t quite fit your character’s specific needs and isn’t valuable enough to waste one of your Auction House slots. At times like this it can actually be more beneficial to offer the equipment to your party instead of simply selling the item to the local vendor. Your continued generosity will likely be reciprocated with the other party members offering their excess gear as well. Sharing equipment will exponentially increase your chances of finding the gear you need and probably help you make a few new friends in the process.

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06/02/2012 at 12:36 AM

Good guide. I learned quite a bit.

I'm still skeptical on the AH. Seems any item worth getting is way overpriced; how can anyone afford the million plus gold some of these items go for? Maybe I'm doing it wrong... I wouldn't be surprised if they tweak the Blacksmith in a future patch, so that they remain competitive with the auction house.

Since we don't have a centralized forum, I'll go ahead and shamelessly plug my battletag.  Its Mongoose#1546. You'll know its me if I have a monk named GoldenArms and demon hunter named Desdemona as of this writing. Hit me up if you want smash/farm whatever.

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