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PB & Jason   

PB & Jason Issue 90: Jason & Hobbes

This week's PB & Jason was a little difficult to record...

Tonight: MAME cabinets, Zeboyd RPGs, and Pokémon. For whom is the 3DS XL the right choice? Earlier, I interviewed producers behind the Zelda: Symphony of the Goddess tour. Find out my thoughts on their interview before it hits the site! All this and more in PB & Jason #90. Click through to find listening and download links!

PB & Jason is recorded in front of a live studio audience (almost) every Wednesday. For dates and ticket information, please email




06/28/2012 at 01:36 PM

Excellent episode Jason, nice to see PB&Jason oiled up and back on the war path. I liked the shout out to Power Rangers, I use to watch the Mighty Morphin series everyday when I came home from school as a kid. If anybody wants to whip out a token and morph into a triceratops, I will look forward to it. I'll keep my eyes open for the podcasts changes you were talking about.

I've never had a DS or 3DS and I've been hesitant to save up and invest in them because I wouldn't know what to pick honestly. The DSi is cool, but if I was looking at those I'd get a DSi XL because I like the bigger screen. I have 20/20 vision so I don't need the big screen because of any vision issues, I would just like to play on bigger screens. One of the reasons I think that is because I use to play with my friend's PSP back in the day and it was uncomfortable seeing all that detail on a small screen. My eyes were stressed a little and it didn't feel natural.

So with all that in mind, when the 3DS came out it didn't interest me because it was expensive, the screen was smaller, and there wasn't a second joystick. So I expected that eventually they would redesign the 3DS and I was hoping they would add the second stick, and make an "XL" version just like they did for the DSi line before it. Now that we see the 3DS XL, it has the bigger screen but I don't know why it's still missing the second stick. They designed that stupid second stick add-on for the 3DS (clearly they were interested in giving players and developers a second stick to work with), why wouldn't they just cut out the add-on, streamline the design, and build the second stick into the new 3DS XL?

In some ways the 3DS XL seems like a bigger version of the same old design that people complained about in the first place. Why not improve it more?

(UPDATE) It took me a second but I think I understand why they didn't design the second stick into the 3DS XL. The original doesn't have a second stick, and if the XL came out with one, they wouldn't really be compatible with eachother. Designers would have two different platforms and it might render the original 3DS obselete even though many people own one. I understand why they might not want to redesign it TOO much, but I'm still hoping for a second stick. Do you think one day they'll give this whole 3DS thing a do-over and make versions with two sticks to replace these ones lol? Wishful thinking.

Jason Ross Senior Editor

06/28/2012 at 03:11 PM

I think it's the right choice to not put the second circle pad on the 3DS XL. If Nintendo did, it would risk alienating their current customers. If we see a DSi-like update to the 3DS, chances are, that will have two circle pads, but again, the DSi could play software the DS couldn't.

Anyway, I think most uses where a second circle pad is needed can be remedied by using the touch screen. It's not optimal, no, but it can get the job done. Regardless, it's too bad Nintendo didn't just begin with two pads on the 3DS.

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