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PB & Jason   

PB & Jason Issue 114: Legends of the Hidden Rayman

Olmec knows the reasons behind the delay of the Wii U game's release. Do you?

Before you lies a podcast of epic recordings and thoughts suspended by a lifetime gamer's knowledge and insight. When listeners hit the play button, one topic from the show will begin being discussed. This time, it's the disappointment found in Aliens: Colonial Marines. Once the listener has completed that segment of the show, expect to come face-to-face with the Legend of Rayman, himself, as well as his delay on the Wii U. By now, podcast fans should have obtained at least a piece of a pendant of life, and shall continue forth to hear virtually zero speculation about the Nintendo Direct happening tomorrow. Then, venture through the Shrine of the Sony Monkey to learn possibilities of the PlayStation 2013 event on February 20th. Once there, the listener must race back, to the Durango Xbox Rumored Gates. Or something. PB & Jason is recorded in front of a live studio audience every Wednesday, weather permitting. Click through for listening and download links!

As always, you can email me with to be featured in an upcoming issue of PB & Jason!



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