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PB & Jason   

PB & Jason Issue 118: SimFantaCity

Hidden gems in game code, SimCity rants, and Final Fantasy Fixes abound in this week's PB & Jason.

You may have heard the news that F-Zero AX was discovered inside F-Zero GX. That news inspired a brief bit of talk about other places where things were hidden pretty deep inside a few games from the past, mostly on the N64. Naturally, SimCity took up a lot of time, too, and Issue 118 closes with some of Julian's Final Fantasy piece. Be sure to listen to the beginning to catch a few more details about the Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Community week! Click through for listening and download links!

PB & Jason is recorded in front of a live studio audience every Wednesday, weather permitting.

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03/14/2013 at 04:32 AM

Another great podcast. I'm glad more than one site won't let go of the issue of games and always-on connectivity screwing customers. I remember this whole fiasco with the Diablo III launch. I eventually enjoyed the game, but begrudgingly played it when it was released. 

On another note, I am one of the few gamers that actually likes Monster Hunter. I think the game only works best with coop play, so I am hesitant to buy the game day one. I'm sure there are a lot of fans on WiiU, but even the COD game servers are dead. It would suck to play in an echo chamber by myself. I look forward to your video cast next week or whenever it goes up. Cool

I just wanted to add an appreciation for your work on the podcast. I really didnt want to subscibe to yet another video game podcast but ever since I started, I just added you to my regular rotation of podcasts. It helps that you know what you are talking about and that you focus on the blogging community. I put you up next to joystiq, giantbomb, and weekend confirmed. Those are my regular podcasts, but I've also added you to my lineup. Thanks Jason. Cool

Jason Ross Senior Editor

03/14/2013 at 11:33 PM

Finally, the Stockholm Syndrome is beginning to sink in....

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