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PB & Jason   

PB & Jason Issue 124 Part Two: Boomstick Edition

Join Jason in completing the longest PB & Jason yet!

Before you sit down to devour your weekly PB & Jason, make sure you have an hour and fourty minutes on your plate! PB & Jason 124 part two tackles all the topics left after last Thursday's first part: The various game ideas based on somewhat random audience suggestions; the aftermath of the Xbox One unveil, specifically the console's somewhat confusing used games policy; the Nintendo Direct from the middle of May; and the confusing situation behind Precursor Games kickstarter projects, including their relationship with Silicon Knights and Denis Dyack. Also, click this sentence for the NeoGAF thread I mention in the latter half of the podcast. Enjoy!



Chris Yarger Community Manager

05/30/2013 at 08:10 AM

How can you be unfamiliar with me!? I’m on Pixl ALL THE TIME! lol, just kidding.

And I know my pitch to you was rather incomplete. I kind of did that on purpose since I don't want someone like EA stumbling across my post and stealing my idea (Anything can happen...) since I don't have any Copyrights on it. But I really do have everything figured out..

Story: It's really ambiguous. If the player wants a story, then they need to find it for themselves through NPCs, Television News Broadcasts, graffiti, etc. I have it all figured out in terms of what happened, what is going on, and how it's going to be presented, but I want the player to figure out the story on their own without the story being forced down their throats.

Gameplay: As you said, there really is no way to fight something that big, and that's how I want it. In my mind, it's almost like a dual system of enemies; the monsters and the people trying to kill you for your supplies. There is no way to take out the giants roaming, but I'd like for there to be a combat system for looters. Think of The Last of Us, but take out the zombies and replace them with gigantic creatures.

Completing the Game: This is simple, as in simply find an evac point. I'd like the setting to be in a world comparable to the size of Skyrim and I think it would be best to have the evac points appear at random. Random evac points would be best so you would have to work on figuring out where the next evac would be and when it would occur. So if you think you're onto something and your heading there; perhaps you're too early, maybe you're on time, or perhaps you are going to be too late and you catch the helicopter taking off over the horizon whenever you're merely a few blocks away.
Shitty right?
But let's remember that not all evacuations are perfect.

Difficulty: Here’s where it becomes really awesome in my eyes. I want this game to be hard as hell.

By that I mean the giant monsters can instantly kill you. Bullets deal a lot of damage (To you and the looters). And my favorite part…
If you die, the game deletes your save, leaving you to restart from the beginning from scratch.

I know that would definitely piss off a lot of players; however I would want this game to be as realistic as possible. So if you save (All save points are in a Subway systems since they are ‘safe’) and you are killed 10 minutes later by a looter, then it’s truly game over. There are no second chances and there is no redemption, you play for keeps essentially.

This can easily be avoided though by simply running into a random evacuation point within the first 20 minutes (if you’re lucky) of the game. But if the player strives to get the full story, then the player needs to be willing to make the sacrifice in order to figure out what exactly is going on. There would definitely be a ‘reward’ system set up though for completing so much of the story and being able to further explore the city, but that’s still a thought in process.

I have a lot more ideas (Missions, Multiplayer aspects, items, etc.), but like I said.. I don't want to pitch everything and have someone run off with my idea.


And where the hell did the zombies come from!? lol!


Jason Ross Senior Editor

05/30/2013 at 05:47 PM

A big part of Cloverfield were the hop-ons that were the prawn. If you recall, they pretty much would lay eggs in people when they bit them, then the people would explode and there would be more of those things. The zombie suggestion was just a simple way to suggest something like that, so even away from the big monsters, you wouldn't necessarily be safe.


05/30/2013 at 07:56 PM

I'm not familiar with your game proposal but I just finished playing a game similar to it. The Starship Damrey on 3DS eshop. It's a first person adventure, point-and-click style game. You start off locked in a coffin-like sleeping capsule with amnesia. You start poking around your capsule until you have access to a computer terminal which you hack to take control of robots. You explore most of the space ship through these mobile R2-D2 like machines and use their camera to view the environement and scan objects. There aren't any cutscenes or tutorials. You piece together the story through scanning objects and exploring the ship. You only get an explanation after completing the whole game. An interesting little game.


05/30/2013 at 09:15 AM

well, I am impressed.  That is even better than any sort of game idea that I was thinking up.

As far as the used game debacle, I cannot see Microsoft or the publishers making the money that they want if they continue to sell games at $60.  At this point $60 can be a tough pill to swallow, drop game prices to $40 and I would have far less problem buying all my games brand new.  Sadly that does not solve any of the problems related to owning the "bits."

My biggest problem with the shadows of the eternals crowdfunding had to do with how they set it up to begin with.  It reminded me of when black isle started back up again last year.  They take the payment up front.  At least with kickstarter if they fail to reach their goal, you are not charged.  Yes, there are some fees that go to kicktarter and amazon and such, but still, you can just adjust you goal accordingly. 

Super Step Contributing Writer

05/31/2013 at 07:56 PM

Damn, now I want to go to Rangers Ballpark and buy a boomstick.

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