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PB & Jason   

PB & Jason Issue 127: The Wonderful 127!

Insert something like "Viewtiful!" here.

This week's PB & Jason still has a bit about GTA V. Nothing disparaging, mind you, rather, GTA V is used to point out trouble with the ESRB, the (non-gaming) media, and the Molyneux. After that? Expect to hear my opinion on Square-Enix's disappointing Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy as well as some initial impressions on the enjoyable The Wonderful 101. Tune in! Leave a comment! Send an email! Suggest more ways to end sentences with exclamation points! Listen! Click through!



Our Take

Jason Ross Senior Staff

10/02/2013 at 10:03 PM Reply | Permalink | Report

Just a heads up, a good friend that lives out of state is in town this week, so I'm not certain when the next PB & Jason will come around. There's a chance it will tomorrow, but if not, it will be next week. Sorry about the absence, but the good news is, this is a one-week thing at worst!

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