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Nerds Without Pants   

Nerds Without Pants Episode 70: Eternal Nerds

Old games, new games, comics, and Joker tattoos.

Welcome back! Angelo is on vacation this week, so Patrick and Julian take some time to catch up on some Consumption Junction and a bunch of comic book talk.

2:20 Game of Thrones; Powers

21:45 Julian is better at Rogue Legacy than Patrick; Bloodborne is pretty okay

41:56 Patrick is still way too lucky at Hearthstone; Mortal Kombat X

1:06:00 Massive comic book roundup

1:47:28 Patrick and Julian weigh in on Jared Leto’s Joker

1:56:20 BONUS: Batman Eternal spoiler conversation


Theme song from The Tick

Craig Armstrong- Favela Escape (The Incredible Hulk)

Starbomb- Mortal Kombat High

Ramin Djawadi- Gulmira (Iron Man)

Neil Hefti- Batman Theme




05/03/2015 at 03:31 PM

The new microphone and software sound pretty great, it's a noticeable improvement.

Thanks for the feedback for Game of Thrones. I played the demo of the first episode and it definitely hooked me, but I couldn't bring myself to buy it and then grab the season pass. I also don't necessarily want to wait so long between episodes so I'll wait until the whole game is out on disc like they've done with their other games and get it all together eventually.

The semester is one week from being over and the final tuition payment for the year is behind me so I'm trying to find games to buy. I ordered Saints Row 4 and DMC Devil May Cry from 2013 from Amazon but those are still on the way. Like I said I grabbed Saints Row because of Julian, but I ended up ordering DMC because of Dan Ryckert and all the good things he's had to say about that game. As Julian knows I basically take all my life advice from Ryckert, especially when it's Taco Bell related.

Since I'm holding off on Game of Thrones I think I'm going to get the Metal Gear Solid HD collection. I only ever played Twin Snakes for Gamecube, in addition to the MGS 1 PS1 demo I talked about in the comments of the previous NWP episode, so I've missed out on the majority of the MGS series. If I can get a PS4 this fall I'm sure I'll want to play Phantom Pain, but before that I want to try and play at least some of the previous games beforehand. The HD collection only has 2, 3, and Peacewalker, but it seems to be well recieved for what it is.

Julian Titus Senior Editor

05/16/2015 at 12:25 PM

Well, the mic definitely sounds better, but we still haven't been able to get the new software to work the way it needs to. It's in beta, and sadly I am currently editing the new episode like normal. Fingers crossed for things to come together for episode 72!

Each episode of Game of Thrones has taken me about 2.5 hours, so I really wouldn't want to play it all in a row. The schedule that each episode has rolled out has been perfect for me.


05/05/2015 at 03:10 PM

Don't worry, I am not mad.  If I didn't like your reccomendations, then I might be a little annoyed.  So far you have been spot on.  The God Butcher was AWESOME!!!  Also, the Incredible Hulk doesn't interest me much anymore.  Especially since I seem to be transitioning towards Image books.

Julian Titus Senior Editor

05/16/2015 at 12:26 PM

You say that, but what if I told you that Planet Hulk is more of a sci-fi story ala A Princess of Mars (John Carter) than it is a typical Hulk story?


05/18/2015 at 01:06 PM

All this really tells me is that I need to sit down and read some Edgar Rice Burroughs.


05/15/2015 at 03:30 PM

I really don't want to read Killing Joke. The Joker has gone too far this time. Too bloody. Too violent. 

Julian Titus Senior Editor

05/16/2015 at 12:28 PM

Did you mean Endgame? Because Killing Joke is from the late 80s, and was the genesis for the character he is today. I still think it's an incredible character study of the Joker, and one of the best encounters between Batman and Joker.


05/18/2015 at 01:28 AM

I'm sure it's good. I am going to read it. The 80s one that is. But I feel like all of Batman has gotten so serious. Joker used to make me laugh. Now he's more of a horror show. 

I do like Arkham Asylum stories though. I read one trade about that recently and the short series by Greg Hurwitz about Penguin. Those was great. 

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