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PixlTalk Developer Special 4: Team Meat

Though Neal has left the site, his final piece of work, an interview with Team Meat is now available.

In our latest developer special, Neal Ronaghan chatted with both Edmund McMillian and Tommy Refenes, two of the developers of the upcoming WiiWare title, Super Meat Boy.

The team, responsible for the original Meat Boy as well as the more recently released TimeFcuk, talk about everything under the sun. Things started off smooth with discussion of their origins and the upcoming title, but quickly digressed into aimless, random (hilarious) discussion.

Given the coherency of the episode, regardless of the digression, little has been cut from the original recording. As such, all listeners beware - this episode is long. Clocking in at a little over 40 minutes, you'll get a healthy dose of Team Meat, laced with quite a bit of foul-mouthed hilarity.

A big thanks to Team Meat and of course, Neal, for making this special happen before his departure.

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Edited by Nick DiMola.

Music by Andy McKee.



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