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Nerds Without Pants   

Nerds Without Pants Episode 99: The Return of Angelo Grant

The band is back together!

Hey folks, it’s Julian. Man, it really sucks that Angelo has been out and we didn’t have Patrick on our last episode. We’re about to hit episode 100, but where is—OH DAMN, SON! ALL THE NERDS WITHOUT PANTS ARE HERE! That’s right! We’re finally all back together for a short and sweet Consumption Junction edition of NWP.

Angelo talks about the misery of tonsil surgery, and trying to play Grand Kingdom while on pain meds. He has a bone to pick with Mighty No. 9, as well. Patrick is still on that Overwatch train, but took some time to play Alien Nation and preorder Final Fantasy XV. Julian still loves BioShock, and can’t get enough of Dragon Quest Builders. We talk a little about the state of Square Enix, and if you stick around after the outro you will hear some thoughts about the No Man’s Sky debacle.

We aren’t recording again until October 25, but that will be our grand episode 100 as well as the return of Halloween Havoc! Don’t forget to chime in with your submissions for Stage Select and Chrono Crossing.

Stage Select: What is the cutscene that scared you the most the first time you saw it?

Chrono Crossing: What was your favorite game of 2005?


John Williams- Yoda and the Force

Mighty No. 9- Ray Theme

Dragon Quest Builders- Cantlin

Resonance of Fate- The Beginning of Eternity



Casey Curran Staff Writer

10/16/2016 at 05:13 PM

2005 GOTY is Jade Empire. That was the beginning of my long love affair with Bioware and still probably remains their most unique game. Combat was simple but stayed fun the whole game and the world was such a unique mix of fantasy, steampunk, and kung fu. 

For Chrono Crossing, it's definitely when Knights of the Old Republic 2 reveals Darth Sion. It built up that you were being hunted in the first space station (which has some very strong Bioshock vibes) and once I saw what the Sith leader looked and sounded like, I was rushing as quick as I could to get the hell out of there.


10/17/2016 at 04:17 AM

Welcome back, Angelo!

Chrono Crossing 2005

We all know Resident Evil 4 is the only real choice and all other games are just fighting for 2nd place, but since I know RE4 is guaranteed to get a mention, I'll pick Splinter Cell Chaos Theory. Stealth is my favorite genre and Chaos Theory is one of the better games in the genre. The level designs are excellent and still hold up to this day, with each one having a distinct theme and unique atmosphere. The stealth mechanics are also robust, well thought out, and polished. The combination of being able to play the entire game non-lethal, and having a story and level designs that work together to nail the feeling of solo-infiltration, all come together to create a game that is super entertaining for people who want a stealth game that's all about espionage and sabotage. Indigo Prophecy and Condemned Criminal Origins are also amazing 2005 games, remind people they exist and don't let them be lost to time!

Stage Select

This probably doesn't count as a cut-scene but it's a very early and vivid gaming memory of being genuinely scared. When I was young I had a Pizza Hut demo disk with a Parasite Eve trailer that terrified me and made me never play the game. It starts out with a creepy opera singer watching her entire audience spontaneously burst into flames, and then a Ghostbuster's 2 style goop shoots out of the sewers and then the goop brings a T-rex skeleton to life, and right after that it brutally mutates a rat. I still won't play Parasite Eve.

Parasite Eve trailer

Exrian Contributing Writer

10/22/2016 at 04:22 PM

Great podcast guys. I definitely hear you on overwatch. My catalog is getting really backed up cause of it. Was gonna stop then they announced Halloween stuff so that dragged me back in. 

Stage Select was a bit hard for me cause I don't scare easily but I recall one. 

Stage Select: Silent Hill 2

First time playing my new PS2 and Silent Hill 2. I was so psyched that I woke up at 4am on a school day to play. As I walked through the foggy streets a monster screeched and came crawling from under a car. Its one of the few jump scares I've had in games. 

Chrono Crossing : Shadow of the Colossus 

It has to be this. One of my top 5 and I still replay it. Figuring out the boss "puzzles" was a blast. Few games have amazing boss battles and this game had a dozen. 

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