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Nerds Without Pants   

Nerds Without Pants Special: Thanos Quest

Thanos may demand your silence, but that ain't gonna stop us from spoiling Avengers: Infinity War!

Welcome, True Believers! If you’re reading this when it goes live, it’s been a full week since Avengers: Infinity War came out in theaters. Plenty of time for you to have seen it by now. Or, if you’re Julian, three times! So, it’s time for a special spoilery discussion all about the movie with Friend of the Show John Gholson! Let’s jump in!

We start things off by talking about our personal rankings of the 18 MCU films that precede Infinity War. Our lists may surprise, even startle you! Then, we talk about the original Infinity Gauntlet story from 1992 and how it related to our expectations of the movie. After that, we take you to spoiler country, so you have been warned! We go deep on [REDACTED] and how it relates to [REDACTED]. And of course, that leads into a heated debate over the relation between the [REDACTED] and what it could mean to [REDACTED]. THEN we talk about how shocked we were when [REDACTED]!

We end our discussion with some predictions of where we go from here, and what we are hoping to see in the Marvel Cinematic Universe moving forward. Enjoy the show! EXCELSIOR!



Super Step Contributing Writer

05/05/2018 at 02:32 AM

I'll come back when I've made my list of ranked MCU films. 

This whole thing started when I entered college and culminated into Infinity War when my high school 10 year reunion started getting discussed.

Weird to think about.

Super Step Contributing Writer

05/12/2018 at 03:46 PM

Ok, I've finally got some time to listen. Technically, I came into my office to grade portfolios, but that's easy and now I'm distracted. To hell with Future Joey's time and sanity. 

I guess I didn't pick up on the different characterizations of Drax? I've seen Guardians 1 & 2 and thought his character changes were a pretty natural progression and that he really didn't change THAT much. 

I enjoyed Thor: Ragnarok as well, because of the humor and the imagery, but I was baffled when critics said the tone was handled really well ... ummm ... they were cracking a joke not two seconds after Asgard fell. Felt pretty jarring to me. 

I honestly don't think you HAVE TO watch any other Marvel movie to enjoy and understand the fairly simple and straightforward overall plot of Infinity War. You'd definitely get more out of it if you're familiar with the characters, but I don't think any adult moviegoer would necessarily be confused by it. But again, you definitely would have a better experience not going in blind, so I question why someone wants to see this if they haven't seen others. Only one I understand is people who were super excited for Black Panther just wanting to see him again when that's the only Marvel movie they saw. 

The last party I was at, someone brought up Footloose and a lot of people hadn't seen it. A lot of people at that party still have not seen it. I saw the remake a few years back via Red Box. It was ok. 

Wait, who gave Justice League a pass on SFX? Did you avoid reviews of that movie? The shitty SFX were definitely harped on to no end. Deservedly so in my opinion. 

I honestly wasn't as affected by any of the deaths as anyone else I've talked with, because I didn't care as much about the dead-dead characters and I found the dust thing unconvincing as far as a permanent end for anyone. 

I missed most of the last part of that while grading. 

John Gholson is a familiar sounding name and voice and not just from this podcast, but I cannot figure out where else I'd have heard him. 

Anyway, I had a list of MCU movies ranked, but Phase Three is just too hard to rank for me at the moment, so I gave up. Those are all pretty similar in quality to me.

Julian Titus Senior Editor

05/16/2018 at 11:57 PM

In Guardians 1, Drax has no sense of humor. The funny part about him is that he is serious to a fault and doesn't understand when people are joking. In Guardians 2, which is set just months later, he's cracking all sorts of dumb jokes and laughing at everything. It was jarring, and especially annoying for me, because I found his loud laughing to be incredibly irritating. So I appreciated that, in Avengers, he was back to being serious and saying things that are funny only because he doesn't understand that they're funny. 

John has definitely been on a ton of podcasts besides ours, and he's written for numerous movie sites and been in quite a few indie movies, including Zero Charisma, Meet Me There,  and Slash (which I am also in). 

Super Step Contributing Writer

05/18/2018 at 07:43 AM

Hmmm ... So I can see what you're saying about his change, but that felt like a natural progression to me that he would try to be more jokey. And he still had tat asperger's-like misunderstanding of what is socially appropriate, a la the "Hahahaha you just told everyone your deepest, darkest secret" scene. I'm a bit biased, since Guardians are some of my favorite Marvel films, but I just didn't see any character changes between 1 and 2 as jarring.

And I wouldn't know him from any of those places, so it must be the voice, but great for John! (and you; forgot you were in a movie). I'll have to check out that one and Zero Charisma, which I have seen the trailer for.

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