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Nerds Without Pants   

Nerds Without Pants Episode 148: Higher. Further. Faster.

This episode is Marvel-ous!

Hey folks! This episode of Nerds Without Pants is lean, mean, and ready to give away a video game! There’s a lot to cover, but since Julian is writing this post from an IHOP with a waiter giving him the “wrap it up” look, it’s time to keep things short. This week, we announce the first winner of The Great Game Giveaway, and we announce the next contest: listen and share the show for your chance to win a copy of either Devil May Cry V or Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice! Now, on to the show!

Nerds Without Pants has a Discord server now! Julian still doesn't know what Discord is or how it works, but if you guys ever wanted to talk about how bad the show is without Julian hearing about it, now's your chance! 

STAGE SELECT: What would your perfect super hero video game be?

CONSUMPTION JUNCTION: Ark: Survival Evolved, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Game of Thrones, unboxing a new PlayStation

VIDEO GAME CAGE MATCH: Kingdom Hearts versus Earthbound


STAGE SELECT: If you could remake one game from scratch, which one would it be, and how would you do it?

VIDEO GAME CAGE MATCH: Mortal Kombat XL versus Street Fighter V





Can You Dig It- Iron Man 3 end credits

Superman Theme- 1987 Arcade Version

Spider-Man Theme- Spider-Man: Homecoming

End Theme- The Avengers




Exrian Contributing Writer

03/13/2019 at 09:46 PM

Great episode guys. Perfect way to pass time at work. I think the cage match segment is a great addition. I'm really looking forward to some zany matchups down the road. I suggest Devil May Cry vs God of War for one later. Glad to see a new listener get the prize. That should encourage other people to join in. 


Stage Select: Game Remake

I will say that my main answer, surprising no regular listener, would be Chrono Cross. That said I want to highlight a game that many probably wouldn't think of. I would love a remake for Binary Domain.

This game had lots of potential. Updating the graphics would be obvious. Making the upgrade system more integral would be make a big difference. I'm not sure if I'd steer away from the B movie vibe since it does have its charm but I feel in order to be a success it would have to be more serious. More weapons of course along with better voice commands that actually work would be nice. 


Cage Match: Mortal Kombat XL wins. Street Fighter 5 disappointed so many at launch. They are constantly making weird design choices and combat just isnt as satisfying as it used to be. 

Mortal Kombat XL on the other hand has had people pretty satisfied since day one and the XL version is even better. Single player campaign is actually good and gameplay is simple enough got newbies to play but also deep enough for the hardcore crowd. Also FATALITIES! The over the top gory executions are a total blast and much more satisfying than winning a match with a Street Fighter special. 

Super Step Contributing Writer

03/13/2019 at 10:23 PM

Now is probably a good time to point out that a few of my suggested match-ups were jokes. But I figure Cage Match is kind of meant to be a "wild" segment so there ya go if you want to use any of my suggestions. 

Same goes for Ness in Smash, that was definitely tongue-in-cheek and not something I actually think is relevant to the fight. Cheap Shot is correct. That was exactly my intention.

Super Step Contributing Writer

03/13/2019 at 10:45 PM

Also, yes, they were at one point working on a The Flash game for N64. Whatever YouTube video I saw about it is what inspired my response.

Or perhaps I imagined that video (which I remember having V.O.) and only saw the video I just linked to in some kind of compilation video. Who knows!

Stage Select: I'd remake that P.N.03 game on Gamecube, cause I always thought a 3D ryhtm-action action/shooter game seemed like a really cool idea. I never played it but heard it sucked, so if I remade it I'd make the level design more interesting based on the blandness I've seen in screenshots and videos. More enemies, more attention to detail in the envirionments beyond blank hallways, etc. 

Video Game Cage Match: This is a bit unfair, considering I have not played the updated Street Fighter V that supposedly fixes all the issues I had with my launch-day rental of it, but hot damn did that sparse rental leave a terrible taste in my mouth. MKXL all the way. 

I bought the version with all the DLC on sale, so I'm also biased that way, but I at least assume MKX was a mostly complete package when it came out compared to the barren launch version of SFV.


03/14/2019 at 05:57 AM

Did the stage select music change to MMX?

Julian Titus Senior Editor

03/14/2019 at 11:27 AM

Yes, NWP version 3.0 is live, so it was time to upgrade the music.


03/14/2019 at 11:15 AM

Stage Select - this will end up being a joky answer.  FF VII, i would do it very carefully because you know Nomura may never finish it.  Plus, I want to limit the number of zippers.

Cage Match - MK XL.  Why, because I find XL to be amusing on so many levels.  Especially since it is the roman numeral for 40.


03/17/2019 at 09:22 PM

Heck yeah, Tomba!  I mean, totally wrong on the Cage Match (like anyone would care if it wasn't Disney and Final Fantasy nostalgia.  Replace the paint with, I don't know, Hello Kitty and whatever Western RPG is popular and see who gives a dang.  Meanwhile, Mother series produced 3 totally original, creative games) but what can you do?

STAGE SELECT: I think it's easy to just throw a coat of paint on a popular game, add some horrible bloom, and, bam, successful remake.  But what's the point (I mean, you know, besides money)?  Why not take a great game that hasn't aged well and fix those things that make it unapproachable to today's audience, or even to take a flop in an otherwise fantastic series (misunderstood or not) and make that series's legacy even stronger?  So my submission is Zelda 2, possibly the least approachable mainstream Zelda game.  It's got a lot of fantastic things going for it (great sense of exploration, a strong combat system from a limited console, interesting platforming, and really a grand example of early Adventure games before that genre became more codified) but it certainly isn't for anyone that can't appreciate old-school-style Adventure games.  Give it a go, Nintendo!

VIDEO GAME CAGE MATCH: Booky's odds: 5:2 that Street Fighter V will lose (if you know your odds, that's bad). The numbers don't lie, people, Street Fighter V will win!  Personally, I think Mortal Kombat XL is the winner here, Street Fighter V not knowing what it wants to be and just another in a long line of missteps (woof that single player), with Mortal Kombat XL being the latest in a long line of funnest-if-not-always-consistent games that knows what it wants to be (wackadoo city).


03/18/2019 at 01:05 AM

Stage Select:

I would remake A Link to the Past, with a full 3-D engine on the level of Breath of the Wild or at least Twilight Princess rather than the 2 1/2-D look of A Link Between Worlds or the upcoming Link's Awakening Remake. That's what the prototype Zelda 64 was shaping up to be, anyway.

Video game cage match:

Mortal Kombat has blown Street Fighter away since Mortal Kombat 9, so MKXL wins this, easily, and I'm sure MK11 will be even further above SFV. Admittedly even back in the early days of both series I was a MKII player rather than a SFII player, but still, Capcom seriously needs to up its game with Street Fighter. Even King of Fighters is putting out a more consistently good product. Maybe now that they're roling in money from Monster Hunter World and Resident Evil they can make SF6 a game that can actually compete with MK11. They were a little cash-strapped when they were making SF5.s


03/19/2019 at 01:00 PM

Long time, no post. I have been lurking in the shadows and listening regularly as usual though.

STAGE SELECT: Resident Evil 2 remake was the one I wanted and I am happy that exists. I will say Megaman Legends. I loved the colorful design, characters and story but the tank controls were a little off putting. I would like to see a higher res version with improved controls, more fleshed out story and gameplay similar to probably Splatoon because it’s the only game I can think of that is similar in style and it was a lot of fun to play. 

VIDEO GAME CAGE MATCH: I feel like I will probably be in the minority here but I highly prefer Street Fighter V to Mortal Kombat XL. I own both, started to play through Mortal Kombat’s story mode, put an hour into it and haven’t touched it since, not that I didn’t like it or anything, I guess it didn’t hook me. Street Fighter V’s single player story is nothing special either though, I did finish it with every character though (fight money was my motivation). The gameplay is where Street Fighter V shines in my opinion, overwhelming at times against online opponents, it is a lot of fun despite the ass kickings I take online. I even just enjoy sitting in a lobby watching two players go at it until it’s my turn. I like the characters in Street Fighter more, Cammy became my main in SFV for the first time in the series, I also enjoy playing as Chun-Li. Street Fighter V is my pick.

Realized Capcom is in my whole posts, guess I favor them too as you were mentioning in the previous episode Julian.


03/20/2019 at 12:36 PM

I realized it’s been 3 years since I wrote a blog Surprised. Working on one now, hope to have it up by the end of the week. I’ve been listening to the show all that time.


03/20/2019 at 08:56 AM

Stage Select: My answer is Twisted Metal 2. Because what the world needs now is more games that are just completely ridculous. Why is there a man with his arms and legs trapped in wheels? Why is there a skeleton man driving around on a motorcycle and fully capable of absorbing missile blasts? Is that clown's head really on fire? I don't know, how about shut up about it and blow everything up. Twisted Metal 2 was my favorite from that series and I don't think I'm alone there. I think a decent amount of people would be into this. Also with the tech we have now, fully destructible environments would be pretty sweet in a car combat game. What's the story with this guy granting people wishes? Who cares!? That missile just blew up an entire neighborhood! Will they be mad about the loss of their homes? Probably! But maybe don't think about that too much! It's likely that I have a lot of misplaced nostalgia for this game, but I think we could remake it and really make it special again. The children of today's world deserve to blow things up in a weaponized ice cream truck.

Cage Match: You know where I stand. One of these games has Chun Li in it and one of these games does not. Do you know how many costumes you can buy for Chun Li in Street Fighter V? 15. And that's not counting all the colors. How many costumes can you buy Cassie Cage in Mortal Kombat XL? I don't know, and I don't care enough to google it right now. Oh what? Is this a weird argument? You wanna talk gameplay? Let's talk gameplay. Mortal Kombat XL's fighting is trash. And that's coming from someone who likes the game. The actual fighting just feels wrong. The single player is great, but Netherrealms fighting games usually just devolve into projectile wars. Street Fighter V isn't my favorite Street Fighter by any stretch, but at least you have to time button presses in combos rather than hit all the right buttons as fast as you can and let the combo play automatically. That's bad Netherrealms, and you should feel bad about it being in every game you make! Now, I will concede that Netherrealms can make some story modes. They make excellent single player content, and Street Fighter could learn a thing or two from them... But come on, you gotta make the fighting good in your fighting game!... Also stop spelling everything with K's instead of C's, it was cute for a while but I'm over it. Street Fighter V should win this match, and anyone who says differently doesn't know a fierce punch from a fuzzy guard.

Episode Comment: I'm just glad that Patrick knew what I was talking about on my Earthbound ramblings. Glad I researched it a bit more so I could flesh that out for anyone who didn't know that was a thing. Cage match is way too fun and I see myself turning full heel as I write every comment for it. It's pretty great.

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