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Nerds Without Pants   

Nerds Without Pants Episode 166: We Stran.

Pure, unfiltered Fallek!

Welcome, friends, to the next episode of Nerds Without Pants that was actually recorded before the PREVIOUS episode of Nerds Without Pants! Come join us on a time travelling romp with Mike Fallek. We have no topic, no agenda, so that means this is pure, unfiltered Fallek. Um, strap in.

Included in this episode: The flying car, Mike’s journey with retro games, the heyday of video game magazines, the early days of the internet, Warhammer: Space Marine, story in video games, Star Wars, Julian betting on the next generation, Batman: White Knight (spoilers), Dante’s Inferno, pachinko for some reason, a whole lot about a small amount of Death Stranding, Justin’s bad game corner, and much, MUCH more!


CHVRCHES- Death Stranding

Low Roar- Don’t Be So Serious

Major Lazer and Khalid- Trigger

Silent Poets- Asylums for the Feeling

Eminem- Stan





12/05/2019 at 02:06 PM

I am 90% sure Kiefer Sutherland spent more than 2 hours in the booth.  I could have sworn there are hours of VO for the tapes you pick up...

Julian Titus Senior Editor

12/06/2019 at 10:39 AM

Clearly I'm being sarcastic. But I played that game for 20 hours and the MAIN CHARACTER had barely spoken in that time outside of those tapes. 


12/06/2019 at 10:57 AM

too bad the game isn't even about Big Boss, allegedly.  I never finished it...  if it even existed.

Julian Titus Senior Editor

12/07/2019 at 12:48 AM



12/09/2019 at 11:04 AM

In all seriousness.  I enjoyed playing the game, it really would have been so much better if it wasn't saddled with a name it doesn't deserve.

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